Q: How long does the customised balloon last?

A: 11" Latex : On average 8-10 hours
     24" Bubble : At least 3-4 days, up to a week if kept properly.
     36 Latex with mini balloons/confetti : 12-24 hours
     36" Glitter Ball : 24-32 hours

Q: Why do we see bubbles on the stickers for the customisation, is it normal?

A: Yes, it is completely normal as the balloons are shrinking every min thus will lead to bubbles appearing on the stickers. 

Q: What if the balloons burst or deflate within the 3 days, will we get compensation?

A: All our balloons are inflated a day before to ensure the quality, in the event the balloons burst or deflates after client have well received the balloons we will not take any responsibilities. 

Q: Do we need to reach at the time stated for self collection?

A: Yes, all collection time stated should be collected at the time a grace timing of 15mins will be given to clients as this is not a shopfront and we would like to make sure our balloons are blown up to the closest time of collection.

Q: How early can we collect the balloons?

A: Only our 24" bubble balloon can be collected a day earlier whereas for the other balloons we advised collection/delivery to be done 2-3 hours before start of event.

Q:  How long in advance should we order the balloons?

A: We advised at least 1-2 weeks beforehand, any later orders is subject to availability and surcharge( for orders made within 2 business days from event date )

Q: What is the surcharge for last min orders?

A: Same day or less than 1 Business day Delivery/Collection - $25
1 Business day Delivery/Collection - $15
2 Business day Delivery/Collection - $10

Eg. orders placed on Friday for Sunday will be considered as 1 Business Day thus extra $15
Orders placed on Thursday for Saturday will be considered as 2 Business Day thus extra $10

Q: Will we received a sample of the balloon art?

A: Yes, we will give clients the artdraft but do note that draft will be given to clients 3-5 days from event date.

Q: What if we dont like the draft given, will there be charges for changes?

A: Only 2 simple rectification is allowed for the artwork, if client decided to change the whole design extra charges will incur. But do note that we dont allow last minutes rectification once client has confirmed the draft given.

Q: Are we able to do a refund if we decided not to get the balloons?

A: Sorry, but once payment has been made NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN. However in the event where the client's event is postpone you may contact us to see if we are able to change the date.

Q: How much is Delivery Fee?

A: 11" and 24" delivery cost $25/trip
* do note that if the total amount of balloons is more than 80, delivery will be charged at $50 instead of $25.
36" balloons will be at $50/trip

Q: Are we able to self collect?

A: Self collection is only available at Trivelis, Blk 311A Clementi Ave 4 S121311, Lobby Area.
Do take note that we wont recommend collection for 36" balloons as they are approx 1 metre wide and its cant fit into most sedan car's door opening.

Q: Are there any other Locations for self collections available?

A: No, we currently only have 1 location for collection.

Q: How many mini balloons are there in the customise balloons?

A: there are 12 mini balloons in the 24" customised and 24 mini balloons in the 36" customised.

Q: How big are your customise balloons?

A: 5 inches(Without helium balloon will be on balloon stick) - Meant for gifts for bridemaids/party favour/add on gift to flowers etc.
24 inches(Filled with helium) - Meant for Birthday Parties/ Bachelorette parties/ Baby Shower/ Gifts/ ROM/ Weddings etc.
36 inches(Filled with helium) - Meant for Bigger event/ Weddings/ Big parties/ Grand Opening etc.

Q: Will there be a box/bag provided for the balloons for collection?

A: No, there will not be box/bags provided for the balloons unless client orders our Surprise Box with customised balloon.